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Size: 22"x 30"

Giclee prints available, please contact artist for size and price.



Ann Salisbury is a watermedia artist whose distinctive techniques have earned her national recognition. She is a signature member of both the National Watercolor Society and the Southern Watercolor Society, and has been featured in several watercolor books and magazines.

She is known for her bold paintings of floral subjects. She finds flowers to be endlessly fascinating as she works with their complex shapes, glowing color and luminous shadows. For years she worked in, and taught classes in, traditional watercolor. When she became frustrated with the physical limitations of watercolor's ability to attain the transparent brilliance she wanted, she developed a technique of glazing with acrylic paints in a watercolor technique. This technique was featured in an article about Ann which appeared in American Artist magazine.

Her paintings are filled with intense and glowing transparent color contrasted with rich and opaques dark backgrounds. They go beyond the usual genre of floral watercolors in their treatment of flowers as strong design elements. There is a line from Virginia Woolf that refers to "...that hour between six and seven when every flower glows...". Ann Salisbury's paintings are her attempt to capture that magic moment. More work by Ann Salisbury can be seen at her studio at Artspace in Raleigh, NC; at the Artists Market Gallery in Ludington, MI; and at her website.



Size: 22"x 30"



Size: 15"x 22"