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43rd Southern Watercolor Exhibition

Invited Artists Selected by Juror Mark Mehaffey

Anne Abgott - Date Night Brios*
Lisa Arnold Franklin - Quantum Colors*
Bill Bailey - Loading Zone*
Pegi Barnes-Sharp - Aaron*
Joanna Barnum - Blaze*
Miles Batt 2 - Saintly Migration*
Elise Beattie - Falling Stars*
Marnie Becker - Café de Sevres*
David Belling - Shrimp Dock*
Randall Bennett - The Upper Wetland*
Marilynne Bradley - Bridge Deconstruction*
Noreen Brunini - Shadow Play*
Tracy Budd - Fallen*
Page Burgess - Impact*
Helen Burkett - Origins*
Jacques Camp - My Pyramid Scheme*
Gustavo Castillo - Patience Brother Patience*
Rosie Coleman - Up Close
*Rachel Collins - Cauliflower Drama in Purple*
Sheryl Coon - Watching the Mile*
Loretta Day - Images Found*
Marilynn Derwenskus - Spatial Configurations*
Nancy Dias -Tilting At Windmills*
Vera Dickerson - Blue Gown Waltz*
Judy Duke - Connections*
Kathleen Durdin - Bright Sunny Day II*
David Eakin - Adrift*
Toni Elkins - Pick Up Sticks # 8*
Alicia Farris - Pensive*
Z. Feng - Mountain Man*
Therese Ferguson - Double Red With Stripes*
Karen Fletcher-Braverman - String Theory - Particles
Deborah Garst - Beach Feather*
Susan Gibson - Six Box Classic*
Wendell Graham - Lurking*
Kim Granhaug - Three Sisters*
Lynne N. Hardwick - Nomad Vison*
Pat Holscher - Just Another Day in Paradise*
Lynn Hosegood - San Lorenzo Market*
Brenda Hounshell - Trunk Show II*
John James - Feeling Grey*
Lori Pitten Jenkins - Claws and Effect*
Marilyn Johansen - Feminine*
Kie Johnson - Water Works*
Ardythe Jolliff - Sea Sculptures in Glass*
John Keepax - Below Fort Madison*
Teresa Kirk - Blue View*
Kathy Kitz - Hold on to Memories*
Lynne Kroll - Legacy*
Chris Krupinski - Guava and Grapes*
Howard Kuo - At the Corner of Spring and Winter*
Angela Lacy - Want a Ride?*
Alexis Lavine - Saying Grace*
Judy Lavoie - Like A Rainbow*
Diane Lawrence - Adam*
Juan Leal - Rock n T for Tarantula*
William McKeown - Tighten Up*
Dean Mitchell - Tobacco Wealth in the Weeds*
Nancy Neidich - Goddess Bound*
Judy Nunno - Re-Peared*
Bailey Phelps - Transplant*
Sue Pink - Poetic Process*
Laura Poss - A Moment in Times*
Mary Quiros - Enchanted Forest*
Judy Saltzman - Golder Hour*
F.Charles Sharpe - Painin' the Blues*
Diane Simon -Golden Glory*
Kathy Simon-McDonald - The Chalk Artist IX*
Mary Spellings - No More Gas Guzzling*
Tuva Stephens - Let It Be*
Gari Stephenson - The Strummers*
Kay Stern - Sunrise to Sunset Work*
Don Taylor - Red *Headress and Pomegranite*
Cindy Vener - Island Daze*
Ruth Weiss - Blue Awakening*
Susan Welsby - Fine Balance*
Suzanna Winton - 1970 Something*
Val Wright - Fragments of Life*

Christopher Wynn - Midnight Blue

May 12--July 12, 2020

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