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Watercolor Society


Juried Exhibition

To All Accepted Artists

I am willing to make short comments about any accepted paintings that did not get an award, or merchandise awards. (I did not make comments there but I obviously like the work) but I'd like all contacts to come through my website:

Mark Mehaffey



Mark E Mehaffey is a popular juror, workshop instructor and lecturer. He has won major awards in juried exhibitions internationally, and his paintings are included in corporate public and private collections worldwide. He wrote "Creative Watercolor Workshop", published in 2005 and it was rereleased as "Creative Watercolor and Acrylic Workshop" in 2013 published by Northlight Publishing.

     Mark has also created twelve instructional videos. He has appeared in many publications. He was featured in "Masters of Watercolor" written by Konstantin Sterkhov and "Inspirations & Technical Breakthroughs: Secrets from the Contemporary International Watercolor Masters Volume 1" written by Zhou Tianya & Ruan Hoe.

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